Summer 2019 Stahl's HTV Bundle

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Stahl’s is Professional Grade Heat Transfer Vinyl. It’s what the pros use and we have it for you! 

This will ship same or next day, depending what time you order.  Colors are subject to change without notice, except the black and white Fashion Film, we will always make sure you have those in this bundle.

This is a bundle of assorted Stahl’s HTV's and is perfect for you to create a few special projects.  (Projects are not being supplied.)  We are supplying you with this htv bundle at a discounted price.  We're doing this so you can try some of the awesome products we love and sell.  (We will offer a monthly subscription, in the future.)

The value of this bundle is $76.65. 

Here’s what’s in this HTV bundle: 

Stahl's Fashion Film HTV 15"x12" Sheets:  2-White, 2-Black, 1-Red, 1-Navy Blue, 1-Royal Blue, 1-Mint Blue, 1-ELECTRIC Putple, 1-METALLIC Silver (Retail: FF=3.99, ELECTRIC=4.99, METALLIC=3.99)

Stahl's Premium Plus HTV with stretch/give:  9.5"x14.5" Sheets: 1-Medium Brown. 1-Bahama Blue  (Retail: 3.79 each)

Sheets Stahl's Glitter Flake HTV 9.5”x12” 1-Rainbow White, 1-Bright Royal (Retail: 3.79 each)

Stahl's Intra Opaque InkJet Printable HTV 8.5”x11” 2 Sheets                (Retail: 2.00 each)

Stahl's Color Swatches, Fashion Film, Premium Plus, Glitter Flake (Retail:16.59)

As always, Sheets may be + / - .25 inches 

This month’s Broken Leg Vinyl Bundle is a 39% savings off our normally low prices! 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review