Please understand, we need a little time to rest.  Broken Leg Vinyl will be closed from 06/25-07/07.   We are available via email and Facebook pm, if you have questions, but orders will not be shipping.  Follow us on Instagram to see pics from my trip to Arizona.  It's my best friend's birthday, we're going camping and maybe taking the RZr out to Lake Pleasant.  I want to float down the Salt River one day and maybe go shooting.  What are you doing for vacation this year?


BLV Adhesive is MADE IN AMERICA!  The adhesive has a  base which makes it more permanent than the adhesive vinyls you're used to.  Once you see how BLV stacks up and holds, you'll be done with the brands who you were using!


Shipping Small Orders

Please add a comment on your order form or email us at if you have any questions.

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