How it all began

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How it all began

In July, 2017, it was the second day of our vacation and the bike/walking path I was riding down had an abrupt drop due to the pavement ending. I'm not sure what happened to get me to where I am today, but I broke my Tibia in 7 places and broke the tibial plateau. 

I've had 3 surgeries now, spent more than 6 months in a wheelchair, and was desperately searching for things to keep my mind busy. So, out came my vinyl cutter. My first projects were Christmas gifts, I put personalized decals on stainless steel tumblers. Then I started using vinyl for stencils and making signs. I now make shirts and body suits for babies... I love creating! 

So my store is to help me save for retirement. I doubt I can keep teaching, on my feet, for as many years as I need...

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