CAD-CUT® Weeding Panel

CAD-CUT® Weeding Panel

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CAD-CUT® Weeding Panel


An easy, low-cost way to save valuable time.

This lightweight, portable panel heats to 130° F to soften your heat transfer vinyl's adhesive and make weeding easier. Its low cost and sturdy construction make it a valuable tool for any shop.

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  • Space-saving 16" x 22" weeding area
  • Light weight of 9 lbs allows easy portability
  • Panel temperature: 130° F
  • Includes mini adhesive pads to keep panel stable and avoid scratching table or counter surfaces
  • Alcohol cleaning wipes included
  • Compatible with any heat transfer vinyl which peels warm or hot

You will probably want to get a Hi-Lo-OFF Switch to help control the temperature.  Here's a link: