BLV Permanent Adhesive/Sign Vinyl

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BLV Permanent Adhesive Vinyl sheets are MADE IN AMERICA and have a polished high-gloss finish which adds a sophisticated look to the high quality of this permanent calendared vinyl.  Our BLV Permanent will withstand harsh elements for up to 5 years.  Sunlight and moisture are no match for the quality and durability.  BLV Permanent is TOP-SHELF DISHWASHER SAFE FOR LARGE PIECES.

BLV Permanent provides excellent cutting and weeding due to the balance of a specially formulated acrylic adhesive and a tighter formulated release liner.  Small characters cut better and you rarely lose positioning of your design because of letters moving on the release liner.

Ideally suited for signs whether retail or commercial, point-of-purchase graphics, and decals.

BLV Permanent is:

3 MIL Intermediate Vinyl - up to 6 Year durability (.08 MM)                                                  Durable and perfect for outdoor applications, has a glossy finish, and is a flexible calendared vinyl. 

All sheets are +/- 0.25in

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