BLV Opal-Color-Shifts Permanent Adhesive Vinyl

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BLV Opal-Color-Shifts Permanent Adhesive Vinyl sheets are MADE IN AMERICA.  These are gorgeous and really have to be seen in person to get the full effect.  If you want an entire spectrum of colors on one sheet of vinyl, opal-color-shifts is exactly what you need!  They have a metallic, almost chrome-like glossy finish and colors change depending on how you look at them. Use it to create an eye-catching designs whose appearance plays with light to create a changing color throughout depending on where the light hits the surface. This permanent holographic vinyl is perfect for everything from mirrors to mugs and more, these sheets are a great way to create something unique and pleasing to the eye.

 Ideal for car windows, glass, glassware, mugs, coffee cups, and much more. They are permanent and waterproof. 

This vinyl is rated to last up to 2 years outdoors!

Pearl-White: blue-pink-purple

Blue: light blue-blue-pink

Pink: pink-purple-orange

Yellow: HOT pink-bright yellow

Green: green-blue-purple

Amber: amber-green-orangish red

Orange: hot pink-orange

Bright Green: bright green-yellow
Gold:  (Brand new May2020) 

BLV Opal-Color-Shift Permanent is:

  • 4 Mils Thick
  • Smooth, Glossy Finish
  • Permanent Adhesive 
  • 2-3 Year Durability

                                         All sheets are +/- 0.25in

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