Stahls' OPAQUE Print Heat-Transfer-Paper for Dark Colors, LASER printers

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Professional quality printable htv for Laser printers. We have 8.5"x11"  and we can order 11'x17" if you need it.

Soft texture and excellent release onto dark-colored garments.

Opaque Print laser transfer paper has an excellent opacity level which allows for transferring of bright-colored images onto the darkest of fabrics. This transfer paper is one of the most durable opaque transfer papers. It washes well and has a soft-hand feel.

Use a vinyl cutter to easily weed the image for a more professional transfer.

Matte (use Kraft paper cover sheet), Glossy (use siliconized cover sheet)
Dark-colored cotton, polyester, poly/cotton blends
Color laser copiers and printers with or without fuser oil; Genuine OEM
Time - 12 seconds
Temp - 330°F / 166°C
Pressure - low
Peel - Warm/Cold
Wash Cycles - 8+
Note: Do NOT mirror the image.

This is for medium-dark fabrics. Stahls' OPAQUE Professional Heat Transfer Paper is printable by most desktop and roll feed laser printers it is easy to use for transferring laser- photo-quality images or other graphics to dark colored materials, offering a soft, supple transferred image that is vibrant and durable – and will withstand many laundry cycles.