Stahls' Ultimate Print Light LASER Heat-Transfer-Paper for Light Colors, LASER printers

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Professional quality printable htv for Laser printers. We have 8.5"x11"  and we can order 11'x17" if you need it.

For breathable, light-colored fabrics.

Print full color transfers for light and pastel-colored fabrics. Final transfer will have a soft hand with excellent stretchability and breathability. Washes well. Designed for use with newer color laser printers that use wax toners (which do not require the use of fuser oil).

Matte Finish
Light-colored cotton, polyester, poly/cotton blends, Lycra®, nylon
Color laser copiers and printers without the use of fuser oil
Time - 20 seconds
Temp - 375°F / 191°C
Pressure - 60lbs (medium-heavy)
Peel - Hot
Wash Cycles - 15+
Notes: Make sure to note which side of the transfer paper to print on.
OKI: Label 1, Label 2, Ultra Heavy, Heavy Paper 3
Xerox: Transfer Paper, Label, Coated 1, Heavy Paper, Label, Heavy Duty (147 gsm), Lightweight Card Stock