Stahls' Inktra Inkjet Light Heat-Transfer-Paper for Light Colors

Stahls' Inktra Inkjet Light Heat-Transfer-Paper for Light Colors

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Superior color saturation, soft texture, and excellent washability make this the leading inkjet heat transfer paper in the industry. Designed for white and light-colored fabrics, Inktra® inkjet transfer paper dries quickly. Easy release from the fabric makes peeling quick and simple, while allowing application onto thin, stretchable fabrics. You can even draw with crayons or markers on the paper and transfer it to a substrate. (don't forget to mirror the image)

We recommend a heat press for a permanent application, however a standard home iron can be used. It will take 2 minutes to transfer the image.

Soft, vibrant designs on light-colored fabrics.


White or light-colored cotton, polyester, cotton/poly blends
All desktop or wide format inkjet printers
OEM, Pigmented, Sublimation, Solvent/Eco-Solvent, UV inks
Time - 12-16 seconds
Temp - 365-375°F / 185-191°C
Pressure - low/medium
Peel - Hot
Wash Cycles - 10+
Notes: After printing, allow the transfer to dry thoroughly, approximately 45-60 minutes..